How to check live cricket Satta rates in India? 

Cricket betting is extremely popular in India, and betting markets are famously known as Satta in the Indian market. In a nutshell, Satta is the Hindi translation for betting. 

Indian punters love to place Satta on cricket every time around the year. To thrive in the betting markets, punters need to make sure they are betting on great odds. 

Live cricket betting is majorly dominating the Indian market because the odds on them are superb. Well, moreover, it is about the thrill and excitement that encompasses the moment. 

The critical thing to remember is that cricket odds keep changing during live betting. The odds keep fluctuating depending on the cricket match. You may get caught off guard in between the game because the game’s scenario keeps on changing. 

In this guide, we are going to mention everything that you would need about live cricket betting on UPI Betting sites.

What determines the live cricket Satta rates? 

Live betting is a very complex task because the entire game could go upside down within seconds. Based on such scenarios, you have to place your bets. These are the essential factors that will help the cricket odds for the match. 

  • Team formation. 
  • Head to head records. 
  • Weather conditions on that day. 
  • Team’s performance on the ground. 
  • How the players have performed in the previous matches. 

What are the popular live cricket betting markets in India? 

Indian punters love to bet on these live cricket betting markets during the cricket season. 

Live cricket satta markets in India

Run is over 

Correctly guess the number of runs the batting team will score in particular over. In general, you need to speculate over or under 6. 

Boundaries is an over

If you are sure that the team you are trusting can achieve six runs in the over, then place your bets and cross your fingers. 

Odd/Even runs in the successive six balls

The title speaks for itself; you need to guess whether the team will be able to make odd/even runs in the successive six balls. Place your bets with what you think could be right. 

Wicket is over 

If you are sure that, in a particular over, the baller is going to strike the wicket, then go on and place the hot stakes. 

Highest opening partnership 

Do you know about your team and are sure who will open the match with the highest score. If you are pretty confident about your chances of winning, then go on. This is the market for you, my dear friend. 

Where to find the best live cricket betting odds? 

We will answer this question with the age-old cliche answer; it depends on what works for you. Look around the options in front of you, check out the various sportsbooks and what price they offer. 

How to calculate the live cricket betting odds? 

Here is how you can calculate your live betting cricket odds before placing your bets. Follow this simple formula. 

Wager amount x Betting odds = Payout 

1,000 x 1.55 = 1,550 INR 

The Bottom Line 

Live cricket betting is filled with entertainment and thrill, and you can ensure your winnings by making sure that you are placing your bets with the right betting site. 


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