UPI Betting Sites

UPI or Unified Payment Interface lets you make payments at retail stores, supermarkets, and street vendors. It is also being used to make payments to online merchants, including online casinos and betting sites.

It is great to see the sports betting world incorporating UPI. UPI betting sites let you access your preferred UPI payment method to make sure deposits. With its popularity, more and more betting sites have started accepting deposits in UPI. This makes it convenient and simple for Indian gamblers to deposit money in UPI betting sites.

Top 10 UPI Betting Sites of 2024

1. Mostbet

Mostbet was made for cricket betting, but supports. a lot of games and tournaments. You will love their portal and software.

First Deposit Bonus up to 45,000 INR

2. MegaRush

MegaRush is an answer to play popular live casino games by depositing money in a secure payment environment.

Deposit ₹1,000 and avail of a welcome bonus of up to ₹30,000

3. BetShah

BetShah is one of top betting sites with UPI deposits in India. They offer Cricket, Football and Many other sports.

100% Betting Bonus up to Rs. 2500

4. 22bet

22bet is a safe online sports betting site and it offers many secure payment solutions to place bets.

Avail a Welcome bonus of 100% up to ₹10,000

5. Rabona

Rabona is a leading casino & betting website for Indian players.

Betting Bonus of ₹8000 on 1st Deposit

6. Twin Casino

Twin Casino is an excellent option for Indians to place sports bets using UPI and other secure payment options

Get free spins and 100% bonus up to ₹40,000

7. Rabona

Rabona is a popular betting site that also accepts cryptocurrency payments.

Betting Bonus of ₹8000 on 1st Deposit

8. 10Cric

10Cric is an established UPI Betting site accepting a lot of deposit methods. Their withdrawal is fast too.

Get a 100% welcome bonus of up to ₹10,000 + free spins

9. Betway

Betway is increasingly becoming more popular in India. They offers amazing betting options and great odds for cricket.

New Customers can get a 100% Matched Deposit Bonus up to ₹2500

10. Bollybet

Bollybet accepts UPI, Paytm, Google Pay and many more deposit methods with great bonus offers.

Get a 100% welcome bonus of up to ₹50,000 on betting on your favorite team.

UPI Betting – Quick Introduction

UPI is an Indian Government-backed payment system that has gained popularity in recent times. It has been developed by the National Payment Corporation of India. Using this, you can also make payments at betting sites. With UPI, it becomes easier to deposit money into your account betting anywhere anytime. You can make UPI payments to your favorite betting site through different apps.

UPI Betting

There are a vast number of betting sites which accept UPI payment from the Indian punters. So, you will have no trouble searching for a site that caters to your needs.

UPI simplifies online payments enabling easier payment processes. You just require your recipient’s mobile number or Virtual Private Address (UPI id) to complete the transaction. To make a payment to the betting site, you just need to enter your UPI PIN for making UPI deposits and withdrawals at the betting site.

Up until 2024, 142 banks are operating using UPI for fast transactions within India. For using the service, you as a customer will have to download any UPI app. This is used for facilitating the transfer of funds between the betting site and your bank. Once you download the mobile app, you can enjoy a secure and modern way of making transactions. With UPI betting sites, Indian players will get to enjoy single-click authentication and round-the-clock availability.

5 Reasons to Choose UPI Deposits for Betting

There are numerous benefits of playing at Betting sites with UPI Deposit option. Using the UPI  payment method is one of the coolest things nowadays as you don’t need to remember your credit card details or bank account number. It has made a significant difference in the way payment ecosystems work for betting sites.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons to use UPI deposits payment mode.

reasons to chose upi deposits

1. Free Fund Transfer

There was a time when you had to pay a certain percentage of your money for transferring to a betting site. MasterCard and Visa still charge you money for making payments to a betting site.

However, you do not have to worry about deposit fees when you are depositing at UPI betting sites. All the UPI betting sites provide free transactions for deposits as well as withdrawals. So, the transfer charge is zero and the cheapest among various payment methods.

2. Offers Complete Privacy

It is a known fact that online transaction convenience comes with the risk of fraud. This is the reason punters out there are scared to share their bank account number or credit card details with anyone. UPI has solved this problem effectively. It ensures that punters can transfer funds to UPI betting sites without disclosing their card details or bank account number. In the case of other payment modes, such as NEFT, you might have to share the bank details for transferring the money.

When you deposit or withdraw using UPI, you have to provide your UPI ID instead of your card number or bank account number. Betting sites which accept UPI payment don’t ask for you to share your account number for depositing the money.

3. More Secure Option

Not everyone likes using their card for making payments to a betting site. People are reluctant to use the online transfer options using credit cards as they worry about someone hacking their credit card details and using it for fraudulent activities.

UPI has managed to minimize this concern to a great extent. The method is more secure than the other means of online transactions. As stated before, when you make a UPI transaction on a betting site, you don’t have to share your bank details at all. There is a virtual payment address that doesn’t disclose anything about the bank account. You have to authenticate the transaction using your smartphone. Enter the UPI pin and make a discreet payment at any UPI betting sites with ease.

4. Instant Transfer

UPI is based on the IMPS platform. Thus, it works 24/7 without any downtime. It allows you to make payments anytime you want. There are no restrictions on odd hours or holidays. Even if the bank is on strike, it will not have an impact on your payments to the UPI betting sites. As a matter of fact, your payments will be transferred instantly at the Betting sites with UPI Deposit.

UPI doesn’t just make an instant transfer but also makes sure that users can register instantly. In the case of other payment methods, you will have to wait for hours or even days for the money to be transferred to the betting site’s account. However, with UPI, you don’t wait. As soon as you transfer the money, it will be available in the sportsbook’s account.

5. Different Apps to Choose From

There are several UPI apps that you can choose from. It is not necessary to choose an app that your bank promotes. However, before you opt for an app, you need to make sure that it is easy to use. Some of the most popular UPI apps in the market are PhonePe, Google Pay, Mobikwik, and PayTM. Once you choose the one you would like to use, download it and start using it to start depositing at your favorite UPI betting sites.

UPI Payment Apps you can Use at Betting Sites

You will find many UPI betting apps available online. At first glance, having such a wide range of options might be a little confusing. Hence, we have decided to shortlist the top UPI apps for betting sites that you can use.

upi payment options and apps at betting sites

The apps listed here are widely used in India. With these, you can make easy and quick transfers at any of the UPI betting sites.

1. PayTM

Even though PayTM started as a prepaid mobile recharge platform, it later on developed into an e-wallet. However, you now use it for making UPI payments. To use the PayTM UPI, you have to get your account verified. There are many KYC centers and you can drop in at one of them to get the account verified. The online betting sites where you are depositing using PayTM might also ask you to verify your account for the first time. However, you can also verify your details online.

PayTM works under stringent regulations and laws in India. This ensures that the details you are sharing are secure. Even though the gambling site where you play will not operate under the same rules. European GDPR-laws are good. PayTM is one of the largest payment providers in India. This alone is an indication of its legacy. The method is completely integrated with the RBI-UPI portal. So, there are not many methods that are safer than this for your online gambling adventure.

PayTM doesn’t charge you for making deposits at UPI betting sites. Also, your money is transferred to the betting site account instantly. So, you can start to bet on your preferred sport instantly. However, the minimum and the maximum amount that you are allowed to deposit at betting sites with UPI deposit vary from one gambling site to the other. You can make the transaction through your mobile device.

When it comes to withdrawal, PayTM Betting sites are the fastest. It will take 1-2 hours for the win amount to reach your bank account. The maximum withdrawal limit is set by the betting site. There are some UPI betting sites that allow you to make 3-5 free withdrawals a month. So, make sure you read the details before signing up for the betting site.

betting sites which accept UPI

2. Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the top UPI apps that you can use to make payments at UPI betting sites. This is an instant payment app that has been designed by Google.With Google Pay, you can expect your money to be deposited into online betting instantly. Similar is the case with withdrawals. All you have to do is create a unique UPI ID and use it to make instant transfers.

What’s great is, Google Pay provides you with promotions and offers that make payments rewarding and fun. To make full use of the online betting sites that accept deposits and withdrawals using Google Pay, you need to open a Google Pay account. It is a simple process and takes only a few minutes.

Gamblers often tend to worry about the safety and security of the online transactions they make. However, the transactions made through Google Pay are safe. All the information you share is safeguarded and encrypted from the hacker’s prying eyes.

Google Pay doesn’t charge you a fee for making deposits or withdrawals at any of the UPI betting sites. Therefore, Google Pay is one of the best options for deposits if you are playing at the betting sites which accept UPI Payment.

3. PhonePe

PhonePe by Flipkart is another popular UPI payment method you can use to make transactions at any of the betting sites. PhonePe lets you deposit and withdraw through the mobile phone app. However, it might be a little difficult to locate a PhonePe betting site as there are only a handful of them.

In order to use it at the UPI betting sites, use your UPI id at PhonePe and enter the PIN on the mobile platform to confirm the transaction. It transfers money directly to the betting site. The process is dependable, safe, and available 24/7.

The money that you deposit through this UPI app is instant. If you encounter any delay, that will be due to its verification process. With this, you will be able to make transactions in rupees. Also, the platform can be accessed in different languages. Since it is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India, it makes it a secure and reliable source. VPA is used when you make transactions at the UPI betting sites. With this, you can deposit money straight from the phone to the operator’s account. Based on the operator, you might even get to win some special bonuses for making payments through UPI.

Withdrawal is fast enough. You can expect to see the win amount in the bank within 2-12 hours. Keep in mind that every deposit has to be authorized using UPI PIN. PhonePe will not charge you any fees for making transactions.

4. Other Apps for UPI Betting

BHIM or Bharat Interface for Money had been created by National Payments Corporations of India to enable UPI payments. With BHIM, you will be able to make an efficient and simple transfer to the betting site using the UPI ID.

Mobikwik is also a leading UPI payment app that is used in India for making payments at the UPI betting sites. However, there are only a few sportsbooks that accept Mobikwik. Even though Mobikwik doesn’t have a deposit limit, the betting site where you are playing will have its own deposit limit. The platform is known to be efficient and fast. But the sportsbook’s own set of rules might have an effect on the withdrawal time.

All these apps have been created with the concept of instant fund transfers using UPI. With just a few clicks on your mobile device, you can make lightning-fast transfers with the help of the UPI ID.

How to Make UPI Deposit on Betting Sites?

Making deposits at a betting site using UPI is a simple process. Once you choose your favorite operator from the top betting sites accepting UPI, it is time to make the deposit. But before you do that, make sure you have an account with the UPI app you would like to use.

When you are done creating an account, this is what you have to do.

  1. Log into your preferred UPI betting site and go over to the ‘Banking’ or ‘Cashier’ section.
  2. Now, from the deposit options choose ‘UPI’ as the preferred payment method. This will take you to the UPI ID of the site.
  3. Select the amount you would like to deposit, considering the minimum deposit amounts of the UPI betting sites.
  4. Open the UPI Wallet and send the amount to the betting site’s UPI ID. The online gambling site will receive the amount instantly.

In case, you don’t see money in your betting site’s account event after 1 hour, you should talk to customer support. As soon as the money is in your betting account, you can place your first bet and claim the welcome bonus too.

Betting Sites which Accept UPI- Are They Safe?

UPI betting sites that we have recommended here are legit and safe. The mobile applications that are used by the banks pass strict security checks. This means the transactions you make are safe. Also, the apps make sure that your personal information is kept private.

However, if you are worried about the security of online cash transfers, you can always get in touch with the betting site’s customer support. You don’t have to spend money to contact customer support. Most of the time, customer service on UPI betting sites is available 24/7.

When you sign up for a betting site, you need to make sure it holds a valid betting license. You should always bet with trustworthy and experienced sports operators. All the sites we have recommended hold a valid gambling license.

A reliable and trustworthy site that has enough experience in the betting field will always try to protect its customers. So, it will use encryption protocols to keep customer details safe. Top betting sites use SSL certificates, encrypting all data transfers. Hence, no hacker will get access to the information you are sharing with the UPI betting sites. The best way to check if a website has that layer of protection is to take a look at the URL in the browser. If it starts with ‘http’, it is better to stay away from such a site. Only play at those websites which starts with HTTPS.

Often betting sites ask you to verify your identity and address. This is mainly to find out the individuals below the legal age to take part in gambling.

Since you are making payments through UPI, you do not have to worry about your financial information being stolen by hackers. You just have to use your UPI ID to complete the transaction. All transactions are processed via an encrypted format. From a single application, you can access different bank accounts. Moreover, it uses two-factor authentication. The end customer can benefit from single-click authentication. This two-factor authentication is pretty similar to OTP. It acts as a second layer of protection when you make transactions at the betting sites. Also, more security features are used by various UPI apps like Google Pay or PayTM.

Disadvantages of Using UPI at Betting Sites

To be honest, there are not too many disadvantages of using UPI on a betting site.

  • Just like any other transaction made through a bank account, UPI is regulated by the government. Hence, they will have an insight into your transactions and there is no anonymity. However, there have not been many instances of gamblers facing such a problem. But you need to know that your transactions aren’t anonymous.
  • Although not a disadvantage, but you need to have the balance in your bank account for the deposit. Unlike credit cards, you can’t use UPI to deposit money now and pay later.

UPI Betting Sites – Minimum Deposits

UPI betting sites might put a limit on the minimum amount you have to deposit at the site. However, the amount from one betting site to the other. It is the UPI betting site that decides the minimum deposit.

upi minimum deposit

Just like maximum deposits, betting sites also have minimum deposit limits. When you deposit this minimum amount, you can claim the Welcome Bonus. Some sites have higher minimum deposit limits. This is primarily for the high rollers out there. Hence, if you are looking to make smaller deposits through UPI, you should look for a betting site that has lower minimum deposit limits.

The UPI apps don’t place a limitation on the minimum amount you can deposit at a betting site. So, you can make transactions as low as 10 rupees, provided the betting site allows it.

How to Claim Free Bets with First UPI Deposit?

When you are depositing money for the first time at a casino or sports betting site, you have the opportunity to win a Welcome Bonus. Since it is one of the fastest transaction methods, you can also claim your bonus instantly.

After depositing successfully through UPI, you can claim a deposit bonus. A free bet is a type of welcome bonus that lets you place a bet without paying anything. So, you don’t have to worry about losing anything.

free bets

When you place a free bet, it is the betting site taking the risk for you. In a majority of the cases, free bets are given out as a welcome bonus to the punters when they join the online gambling site.

To claim the free bet with the first UPI deposit, this is what you have to do.

  • Create an account on the online betting site.
  • Deposit the minimum amount of money in the new betting account.
  • Head over to the promotions menu and look for the ‘Free Bet’ option. Click on it.
  • That is all. Now you can enjoy the benefits of the free bet at the betting site.

With free bets, you can start to bet without risks. But every free bet is different. Some are small, while others are big. Some might have wagering requirements, while others don’t. The amount of the free bet keeps changing. Betting sites which accept UPI payment can change their free bets and welcome bonuses anytime. A free bet valid for today might not be available tomorrow on the same betting site. So, make sure you check the details before claiming it.

Withdrawal Process from UPI Betting Sites

You might be thinking if it is possible to withdraw money from a betting site with UPI? Well, it definitely is.

Withdrawing money from a UPI betting site is as simple as making a deposit. Nevertheless, prior to withdrawing money from the betting site, you need to verify your identity on the platform. This is done primarily to prevent criminal activities, such as money laundering. Once you verify your identity, you can process the withdrawal through UPI.

However, you need to keep in mind that only if you deposit using UPI, you will be able to withdraw money using the same method. For instance, if you make a deposit using your debit card, you cannot withdraw using UPI.

withdraw from upi betting sites

Nevertheless, there is a possible loophole to this. In case you make a deposit using a different banking method and then you want to withdraw money using UPI, you can just make a small deposit using UPI on the betting site. Thereafter, when the deposit money appears on the site, you can withdraw the whole amount in the betting account through UPI.

To proceed with your first withdrawal, this is what you have to do.

  • Log into the betting site and go over to the cashier section that you accessed while making the deposit.
  • Choose the UPI option for cashing out your wins.
  • Provide the necessary details to the betting site like the UPI ID and your phone number. You might have to verify your details for the very first time.
  • After this, enter the amount you would like to withdraw, and click on withdraw.

If it is your first withdrawal, it might take longer for the funds to arrive in your bank account. The UPI betting sites actually verify your documents and wait for them to be verified through KYC.

To process a withdrawal, UPI might take up to 48 hours. Nevertheless, getting the win amount directly to your bank account within such a short time is definitely worth the wait.

Online UPI Betting is 100% Legal in India

Online UPI betting is completely legal in India. There are no federal laws against it. Every state might decide if they would like to impose a law on online betting. Until now, there are only a few states in India that have laws against betting.

Indian law on betting is unclear and vague. This leads to a lot of confusion. Well, the legal situation in Indian regarding online betting is decidedly unclear. There is no reference to online betting on The Public Gaming Act of 1867. Rather, the government of India has left it to individual states to decide if they would like to legalize online betting.

upi betting is legal in india

Until now, no Indian has been charged or prosecuted for the offense of playing on a betting site. There are many states that allow games of skill but not games of luck. A game of skill is one where you can improve your winning chances by learning more about the game. Hence, according to this, online betting is a game of skill. The more you know about a certain sport, tournament, match, or team, the better your chances of winning.

With the appropriate knowledge, you can place a correct bet on the match’s outcome.

No one knows when online betting will be completely legal in India. It might happen soon or never. But, don’t be alarmed, it is completely legal and safe to bet online on your favorite sports in India at betting sites with a UPI deposit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Betting Sites Accept UPI in India?

Many betting sites accept UPI deposits. It is easy to use the payment method. Go to the banking section and choose UPI as your payment option. Thereafter, you have to use the UPI ID and go over to the UPI app to complete the transaction. You can choose from a wide range of UPI apps like PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe, etc.

Is Using UPI Betting Sites Legal?

Yes, depositing money with UPI on a betting site in India is legal. Hence, you can easily deposit money on a betting site with UPI without worrying about legal issues.

Which is the Most Recommended UPI App for Betting?

Almost all UPI apps are convenient and safe to use. However, the top two UPI apps that you can use to make deposits on a betting site are PayTM and Google Pay. These are the most trusted options and are also widely available.

What is the Minimum Deposit at UPI Betting Sites?

There is no specific minimum deposit amount for UPI betting sites. This is because it varies with UPI betting sites. So, make sure you check the site for details on the minimum deposit amount.

Am I Eligible for Sign Up Bonus If I Deposit Using UPI?

Yes, you are eligible for a Sign-Up or Welcome Bonus when you deposit at Betting sites which accept UPI Payment. You can only claim a Welcome Bonus when you are depositing at the betting site for the first time. But before you claim the welcome bonus, make sure that you read the terms and conditions that come with it.